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Our Governing body consists of volunteers elected by Parents or selected by the the Elliot Foundation. They meet each term to provide challenge, monitor standards and progress and be part of improving our school, with specific responsibilities delegated to the Resources and Academy Improvement (AIC) committees. They also visit regularly and each Governor is attached to a year group who they meet and get to know as they move through the school.

If you are interested in joining our governing body, please get in touch with the school office who will pass your details to our Chair of Governors. You can also find out more about school governance (and register your interest) at https://www.inspiringgovernance.org/

Name Governor Type Start Date Term of Office End Date LGB attendance
last 12 months
SIP priority links (2017/18) Yeargroup links (2017/18) Committees / Designated roles (2017/18)

Malcolm Begg

Chair of LGB

Foundation 24/11/14 4 years 23/11/18 2/3 Computing Year 4 Chair of LGB
HT review
Pay Review

Ewa Micun

Vice-Chair of LGB

Foundation 15/12/15 4 years 14/12/19 3/3 Problem Solving Year 2

Vice-Chair of LGB
Pay Review

Helen Graham

Chair of Resources

Foundation 01/09/16 3 years 31/08/19 2/3 Spelling Year 6 Chair of Resources
Pay review

Kate Webster

Chair of AIC

Foundation 18/01/17 4 years 18/01/21 3/3 EYFS Early Years Chair of AIC
Timea Kerekgyartone Kasza Parent 12/11/15 4 years 12/11/19 2/3 Curriculum Year 3 Resources
Wayzaro Williamson  Staff 20/10/17 4 years  20/10/21 n/a n/a n/a AIC
Amanda Timothy  Community  01/09/17 4 years  31/8/21 n/a Curriculum Year 1 Resources 
Barbara Vaziri Foundation 01/09/17 4 years 01/09/21 n/a Curriculum Year 5

Health & Safety

Alison Holding Head Teacher Ex-officio     3/3 n/a n/a n/a
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