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Embedded Calendar

Autumn 2017

First half
 Wed 6th Sept 2017 - Fri 20th Oct  (33 Days)

Half Term holiday
Mon 23rd Oct - Fri 27th Oct

Second half
Tues 31st Oct  -  Wed 20th Dec (37 days) 

Christmas Holiday
Thurs 21st Dec - Monday 1st Jan

Staff development days 4th, 5th Sept, 30th Oct

Spring 2018

First half
Wed 3rd Jan 2018 - Fri 9th Feb  (28 days)

Half Term holiday
Mon 12th Feb - Fri 16th Feb

Second half
Mon 19th Feb  - Thurs 29th Mar (29 days)

Easter Holiday
Fri 30th March - Fri  13th Apr

Staff development day 3rd Jan

Summer 2018

First half
Mon 16th Apr 2018 - Thurs 24th May  (29 days)

Half Term holiday
Mon 28th May 2018- Fri 1st Jun 2018

Second half
Tues 5th June 2018- Fri  20th July 2018 (34 days)

Staff development days 25th May, 4th June

Autumn 2018

First half
Wed 5th Sept 2018 - Fri 19th Oct  (33 days)

Half Term holiday
Mon 22nd Oct - Fri 26th Oct

Second half
Tues 30th Oct - Fri 21st Dec (39 days)

Staff development days 3rd and 4th Sept, 29th Oct

Spring 2019

First half
Mon 7th Jan 2019 - Fri 15th Feb (30 days)

Half Term holiday
Mon 18th Feb - Fri 22nd Feb

Second half
Mon 25th Feb - Fri 5th April (30 days)

Summer 2019

First half
Tues 23rd April 2019 - Thurs 23rd May (22 days)

Bank Holiday
Mon 6th May

Half term holiday
Mon 27th May  - Fri 31st May

Second half
Mon 3rd June - Fri 19th July (35 days)

Academy development day Fri 24th May

Staff development days 22nd and 23rd July

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